Final Blog..

CT101 this semester i’ve learned a-lot from creating gifs to my own website.

Prior to this class, I had previous experience with photoshop but since it was such a long time ago I had forgotten most of what I had learned and photoshop had also changed. Once I started to use it in CT101 some of it came back to me, if I ever got stuck I would ask the professor for help or just look up a tutorial online. I really want to get better at using the software so on my free time I’ve been messing around with it trying to create new things in order to get comfortable with the program. I don’t own it on my personal computer but I am considering purchasing the software or obtaining it in another way. The only reason I haven’t done it sooner was that Photoshop is a monthly or yearly subscription-based service which I feel isn’t worth it for me because I would be using it to just mess around and learn a few things.

I believe I earned a  B 

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while I know that I could’ve have done better and earned a much better grade, But this semester I was just being lazy and did the bare minimum to get by in this class. Whenever I would get an assignment I would leave it for the very last moment to start and submit it, I hope to change that next semester. So time management is a skill I really need to work on. I want to maintain my website, but ill change everything and just post photos I’ve taken.

This class was really fun, i learnt a lot all thanks to Prof Ryan.

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I’ve always wanted to try this. It’s something I’ve seen a lot of this style of photography I wanted to try on it on a few images I took while in the city a while back.

The originals if anyone interested.Took these with my iPhone.

Examples of what mine was supposed to look like. Since this was my first time doing this I hope to improve and some of my photos will one day look like those in the link.

ds106 Movie Poster

I was going through the visual assignments for ds106 and came across one that I had previously done in high school and thought I’d share it. The assignment was to create a silly movie poster. I did this in high school with zero previous experience of photoshop and at the time I thought it was really good, but now looking back it I realize not so much. (insert movie poster)


I’ve been gaming since a very young age, playing on mostly consoles.I wanted to build my own computer,so equipped with my laptop i had at the time.I did a lot of research on computer parts and watched a lot of YouTube videos on how to build them. Using money I had saved from working during the summer ,I was able to buy everything myself.

This is the first computer I built although it didn’t look like this at first because there were wires everywhere, as time went on I cleaned it up as I learned more. I was really proud when it had turned on because I did it all on my own using videos i seen online.

This is my current computer,as i got older i made more money and was able to upgrade it.


Today in class I learned how to create vaporwave aesthetic images.i had already known about the style of images but I didn’t know how to create them which I learned today. Here are some examples of what I did.

Working on it…

I still haven’t had time to work on the website, but in the meantime here is something I created in CT 101. It’s of one of my favorite rappers Kendrick Lamar. The original image  I started with, it was then cropped and colors were adjusted leaving me with this final product.


What makes me happy on the internet.

What makes me happy on the “internet” in the most recent days was that I was able to get Spotify Premium for only $5 a month. I was paying 10 bucks a month before. I had completely forgotten that I could’ve used my student email to get a discount which includes a Hulu and Showtime Subscription.

This makes me happy because I listen to a lot of music.